League of Legends Hack

This League of Legends Hack is designed and coded by our team. This tool can be used as a RP and IP Injector ( Influence Points and riot Points .After few months of hard work , we are now ready to make it real , now working 100%. Our testers are checking this hack almost every day to see if it encounters any problems.

The crack is almost impossible to be detected by RIOT , you will also see updates of the hack every few days.

How to Install League of Legends Hack :

1. Download the League of Legends RP hack software:


File: League of Legends Cheats .exe

Version: v1.4

Verified 29.July.2016

Status: Working

Click here for virus scan results.

 Serial Number :



1. Start Game Client

2. Log in your account

3. Press Inject button

4. Insert desired amount of Riot Points and/or Influence Points.

5. Press Start Hack button and wait few seconds.


As the technology has advanced, the gaming consoles, trends, and variety of games too have changed a lot. One such popular video game which has captured the children and youngsters is this awesome game more commonly known as LOL. This is a very interesting game and like most other games it also requires to collect riots points. This game is played online and many players can play simultaneously over the web. It was designed for Windows and Mac and Riot Games is credited for the development of this unique and interesting video game. As it is a massive multiple player online game, many players can enjoy simultaneously by pairing up with one another. This software is another breakthrough for those who are unable to reach the desired levels in game. This being a popular online game is quite difficult to play and at the same time is very interesting.

League of Legends, an online video game is the perfect blend of speed, valour, intensity, powerful sound and amazingly realistic graphics. There are different websites who offer speedy download of this soft but for this, one just has to register him or herself in order to do any kind of uploading or downloading. The game comprises of different game modes and various battle fields. The game also offers multiple lives or allows playing the particular level again and again. One can also choose the level according to capacity. Though many updates about the game are available from time to time but still many times, players do not succeed hence League of Legends RP Hack and riot points are beneficial. As the game is played in online mode hence there are millions of users and gamers playing from all over the world thus making it the largest online game. The tournaments are also held at regular intervals and yearly and winners are given prizes with a huge trophy.

The most important thing about these online games is that they are played with the help of money. It means with money one can buy riot points and influence points. It is like the same way as we buy tools to make our job easier. The real money is given in form of net transfer or plastic money and then one can buy any required set of riot points and then add the tools of his interest at different stages in the game. This League of Legends IP Hack is a must to have thing in order to buy new stuff. But many believe that stuff required and necessary for playing this popular, interesting online game is also available without the purchase of riot points. In fact the stuff and tools bought from these riot points are flowery and cosmetic type not like the real gamer.

The developers of Riot games who are also the owner of this game are working hard to bring out the best to the customers and they try to bring a new and advanced game so they periodically keep on updating the game and issue new versions. For each version, the program is also available. And people also need to understand this new version of League of Legends RP Hack. Currently, 1.4 version is popular and its hack is available over the web. Simply download the game and insert the license key available in the post of the downloading site. Verification of key is very important to verify the user of the game. After completing this simple formality, choose between this League of Legends riot Points Hack and influence points hack. Now the last step involves only the selection of module one wishes to employ with the League of Legends Cheat, once all the procedures are completed and accurately followed, you are free to enjoy the game and get ready to have loads of fun. In order to use riot points, the user will generate an encrypted code which has to decrypt which will further give you a usable code for the use of RP in the very same way as one buys from online. In order to get influence points select and enter the amount and id of the summoner. A summoner in the game is referred to the players in the game. Then click on the hack button and make sure that these changes are made pretty fast.

The latest hack version carries plenty of new and exciting features like from 10$, 1380 points can be bought and from 20$, 3500 points are given. This offer may differ from place to place, from country to country and from currency to currency from where the hack has been downloaded. New security feature is added in IP hacks which detects before making any connections. Automatic prepaid codes are generated for RP hacks. The things which can be purchased from riot points bought in exchange of cash are champions, boosts or skins which acts as catalyst which increases the speed of gaining influence points. Though they do not directly affect the game yet they play a major role.

There are different League of Legends Cheats available on the cheat engines which makes the game more exciting and thrilling. Despite of providing so much assistance the role of human intelligence, mind and strategy making skill is unique and incredible.

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  1. WindDxi says:


  2. Fiora says:

    oh… takes ss much time to update ~10-15 minutes.. anyway was worth it, it works :)

  3. Lullllex says:

    Since 2011 i spend money on riot points and now i feel stupid when i found this cool hack…<3 loveee u guysss

  4. vayyanj says:

    Thanx,,Very helpful.excellent presentation.

  5. Prix says:

    yeee same here, i spend 50$ on riot points, and now i get them for free with this hack

  6. DUMMIYES says:


  7. Pr0 GaM3rzZ says:

    guys thank you so much for this hack, me and few of my friends are using it for few weeks and works perfectly, i just came back to say thanks.

  8. Pr0 GaM3rzZ says:

    hey guys thank you so much for this hack, me and few of my friends are using it for few weeks and works perfectly, i just came back to say thanks.

  9. Wepply says:

    I hacked 3.000 rp and used them, thx guys, im going to use only 3000 per day

  10. TraCK says:

    you made my day !!!!! AWESOME DUDE

  11. Kelllex says:

    impressive hack, the first one ever worked to me

  12. RIOTZZZZZZZZ says:

    me and my friend are using this hack we have all champions :D:D ty man

  13. Zeeinix says:

    completed the survey and downloaded my hack, worked well , i added 5000 RP :D

  14. APPLE says:

    te me too, this is the only hack ever worked to me when completing a survey !!

  15. Lilly says:

    :3 i got 20.000 RP with this thank you

  16. Yenna says:

    yayyyyy IT WORKS tyyyyyyy

  17. DINAXIS says:

    i added 10000 RP HAHAHA

  18. Cynther says:


  19. GREED says:

    HI! Why no one hacks IP? i got 5k rp with this hack but now i will hack IP too

  20. navy says:

    didnt knew these hacks really work before i tried this one thank you lordhacks

  21. KEERREX says:

    i hacked 30000rp :D

  22. Andrea says:

    first working hack EVERRR XOXOXOXOXOXO thxxxx

  23. rXX61 says:

    i added 10000ip and 5000rp :D it hacked instantly! thankx

  24. Akshay Makadiya says:

    Awesome dude, thank you so much for the hack and keep up with the good work!

  25. master strokes says:

    i hacked 50000 RP, haha now im buying as many skins i can , THX

  26. ayman35 says:

    thank you for this working hack

  27. Sadia says:

    Just downloaded few minutes ago and used it, i had to come back to say THANKS,
    i was unsure but it’s really working.

    Thank you again.

  28. Returners says:

    Great hack !

  29. damnit says:


  30. Benjamin86 says:

    Five times used this hack on 5 different accounts, all works, ty

  31. Robin says:

    awesome thanks god i found this website !!!!

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  33. NefFxie says:

    surprised with the results, its really worth downloading xo

  34. F333333333r says:

    your unbelivable dude coolest hack ever

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  36. WraithExcess says:

    im so glad i found this website, really i apprecite your work!

  37. works says:

    works like a charm, thanksssssssss

  38. Uwillyx says:

    Thank you works

  39. Ascythe says:

    I used this hack many times and i noticed something, somtimes you have to restart your league of legends client for points to be added.
    So if after you used the hack the points don’t show up, try restarting the game it will work.

    Thanks for this awesome hack.

  40. QWERY says:


  41. LiXXXXXIiiii says:

    best hack 2013 man best lordhacks.com ty

  42. H3l3r says:

    Amazing hack THANK YOUUU GUUUYSS

  43. YELYX says:

    no errors no problem during hacking, ty

  44. Richarddsss says:

    i downloaded this hack today, i’m allowed to share this with my friends?

  45. Can i get banned??? says:

    Can i get banned using this hack???? DO anyone got banned????

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  47. Andex says:

    i was a fool buying riot points, this generator is just… awesome

  48. Inniexta says:

    thank you, i was looking for it

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