Facebook Password Hack

This Facebook Password Hack was requested by thousands of people and LordHacks team successfully developed a working hack. This hack is very easy to use and requires only few clicks to hack victim’s account. The victim will not know you entered in his account, so you won’t get in any kind of trouble. The facebook account hack is 100% Safe to use.


Instructions to install Facebook Password Hack :

1. Download the hack from here:


File: Facebook Password Hack .exe

Version: v1.72

Verified 29.July.2016

Status: Working

Click here for virus scan results

1. Open Facebook profile of the victim.

2. Start Facebook Password Hack.

3. Press Detect button and wait few seconds.

4. After victim gets detected, confirm it by pressing Ok.

5. Press Hack button.

6. Wait few seconds and victim’s account details will show up.

Facebook Password Hack

Online Facebook Password Hack is full automated and all you need to do is just to follow the easy instructions and the software will hack the facebook password for you, easy as that. This Facebook Password Hack uses a unique set of programming codes and forces the Facebook servers to allow our Facebook Password Hack the permission to execute the request. We use this method with more optimized injection tools for clean results. The system processes a lot of  password variations till it finds the right one. In few seconds, it’s certainty that our Facebook Password Hack detects the right password.

Usually,Facebook has a strong security system, but we worked hard to bypass it and we succeeded.It is hard to find a good hacking software these days. The developers forget or can’t update it everytime Facebook gets a better security system but we give our best to update it. We test it almost everyday so you will have the best experience using our facebook hacking software without problems.

Be careful what hacks you download from internet and don’t pay hundreds of dollars on something you  know nothing about, there are plenty of outdated, not working hacks, or they will even hack your own facebook password so pay high attention.We don’t recommend sharing this hack facebook account to everyone because they also may share it, and this will make our work even harder because it will be easier for Facebook servers to detect it.Almost everyone knows a friend or someone who the facebook account he owned got hacked, now a lot of people are using facebook hacks for different reasons.

We support legit reasons like recovering a password, doing inoffensive pranks and jokes and things like that. In conclusion, we are glad you chose us, we are happy you use our softwares and if you enjoy the account hacker press the like/Tweet/share us/google +1 and tell your friends.

There are millions of people in different parts of the globe who are logging-in to Facebook accounts several times a day. This is the reason why there is an increase in the count of hackers today. Among the most difficult tasks in the world, Facebook Hack tops the list. This is because it’s considered the most secured and safe website running on internet. But in the end, it’s a nest of tough coding lines. Being coders, all know that there are flaws or bug in coding lines. There can be flaws in security features of this social networking site as well. Nowadays there are different kinds of cracking tools available in the market but only a few of them are reliable ones. These hacking tools are unique tools that come with highly easy and simple to use user-interface but they are built using extremely potent and effective techniques. Some features of this program include the advantage that it is simple to understand and operate, reliable, excellent hacking speed, simple download, trial version comes free of cost, unlimited accounts hacking, can be used by beginners as well as advanced level users, and many more.

The designers of this hacking tool are aware of the truth that maximum internet users don’t have the ability or skills to work with complicated or difficult codes. Furthermore, for average internet users, it’s simply impossible to hack Facebook account without making use of any hacking software. Hence the tool is designed with highly impressive and useful ideas to as to make its usage simple and easy for one and all to access. This tool will require minimum inputs and major part of the work will be done by codes on which it is based. The main purpose of creation of this reliable and effective hacking software is to help users by not receiving big amount of money from them. Several Facebook users are facing loss of password issue each day. Moreover, there are users whose accounts are hacked by some unknown person and they want to recover that password in order to secure their account. This is a tool that will provide them excellent services for their purpose. This facebook hacker is of special advantage to parents who are bothered because of their kids are spending long hours on Facebook. They can make use of this app that comes for free of cost for hacking their kids’ password. No matter what your purpose is, you can completely rely on this tool as it will help you in finding the password of not only yours but others Facebook account as well and that too in a highly effective manner.

Before discussing on this facebook password hacker further, it is important for all to know some ways or methods that are available for hacking Facebook account. Basically there are five primary ways by which Facebook account can be hacked and these are discussed in detail below-:

Phishing- this is among the most basic methods of hacking Facebook account. Phishing actually means creating a fake webpage for stealing credentials such as phone no, password, email, etc. of targeted user. The major drawback of this method is that nowadays Facebook users have become aware of this hacking method and hence they keep their personal details hidden. The best way by which one can avoid such attack is to make use of efficient antivirus tool that will warn users against unwanted visits.

Keylogging- in such kind of hacking, the hacker will simply send infected file that has keylogger to the target. In case the targeted user executes that particular file on their PC, all what they upload or mail will reach hacker’s server. The biggest advantage of such kind of hacking is that target users will not be aware of it. Furthermore, this method will not only provide details of Facebook password to the hacker but will also provide other passwords of the targeted user. The best way to avoid such kind of hacking is never to execute any file that you receive from sender whom you don’t trust. You can also use online scanners or good antivirus for preventing such hacking.

Backdoors or Trojans- these are advanced level hacking techniques. Here you’ll have client and server. The attacker will send infected server to targeted user. Once it is executed, Trojan will open backdoor on victim’s computer and the hacker will be able to see what all they want to from targeted user’s computer. Trojans can be prevented by using efficient anti-virus software.

Sniffing- this includes stealing sessions in progress. Here, attacker will make connection with client and server and relay messages from between them thereby making targeted user believe that these messages are coming from some trusted party.

Social engineering- this is a method that includes fooling the client to provide their passwords or guessing them. Here, hackers will send some fake email that is highly convincing and asks users for their credentials.

Session hijacking- in this hacking method, attackers will steal cookies of victims and these cookies will help them to log-in to important information of the client.

In order to reduce time and effort invested by hackers in using above mentioned hacking techniques, this software is one-stop shop. This tool has been designed using complex mathematical algorithms as well as protocols for hacking passwords. It also works as a password recovery option for users who have either forgotten their password due to some reason or wish to know their previous passwords. It is not user-friendly and fast but works without being detected. It is 100 percent reliable and effective. All you need to invest is to follow instructions provided with the tool.  This tool will provide you with several possibilities of breaking the code. It will also match passwords with trial and error method. It works rapidly and in less than 2 minutes, you’ll be able to break into another user’s Facebook account. Thus, as can be seen, that, there is no dearth of ways in which the stealer can prove to be useful to its users.


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